Package org.mydm.core

Interface Summary
EDocResIterator EDocResSet Iterator
EDocResSet An Interface describing the container for EDocuments.

Class Summary
EAuthor EAuthor class to represent the author of a document.
ECollection Basic ECollection Object.
ECollectionManager A Manager Class for ECollection Objects.
EDocResIteratorImpl Simple EDocument Result Set iterator.
EDocResSetImpl Simple Implementation of the EDocResSet interface.
EDocSearch Basic Search Class for the EDocument Objects.
EDocTOXML Gets different XML formats of the EDocument.
EDocument Core class for the basic eDocument Object.
EDocumentFactory Gets the EDocument Objects from the Database.
EFile EFile Class to represent the fulltext file objects of a document.
EIdentifier Class for EIdentifier Objects of the EDocument.
Genres Handles all the metadata and layout stuff of genres.
LayoutGen Handles the All the Layout stuff of a genre.
MetaData Main Class to handle the Metadata Model of the My Document Manager.

Exception Summary
DocIDNotFound Exception when document id not found in DB
MyDMException Main MyDM Exception class